How to Use a Compass and Map

A compass is a simple tool, and in the era of GPS and other technology, the compass is still an important tool. Every person should still know how to use a compass. Modern technology is very useful. However, it is not always foolproof. And consider this. What if one’s GPS breaks? What if a person is in a place where it does not work properly? What if you are on a camping trip and get lost? How does a person find their way back?  
Understanding how to use a compass with a map is a vital skill in a EOTWAWKI event.    Most maps have multiple norths on them such as true north,  grid north, and magnetic north.  I remember from my basic training days converting compass readings to work on military maps confused a lot of people.  

How to Use a Compass and Map

Google Maps and GPS are amazing. But do you know how to use a map and compass to navigate if you suddenly couldn’t use (or trust) any electronics? Even with modern technology, people get lost and die all the time — rescue workers even have a name for it: death by GPS.

Maps and compasses are deceptively powerful tools. But they aren’t as confusing or complicated as you might think, and using this simple guide to learn the basics might save your life in a wide range of survival scenarios.

This one page guide covers the basics you would learn in a weekend navigation course. We’ll focus on the techniques of using a map and compass in four examples: how to orient a map to True North, how to plot a course, how to walk that course (“shoot a bearing”), and how to figure out where you are on the map (“angulation”).

Source: The Prepared