Assembling a 72 Hour Survival Kit

In times of trouble, having what you need close at hand to better endure or even survive a crisis is crucial. Disasters and other emergencies come in all forms and kinds, either natural or man-made, and all but the most minor will be necessitate some type of material preparation in order to ensure sustainment of yourself and loved ones. You don’t have to be a hardcore prepper or survivalist type to see the value in having a ready, easily transportable pack of needed and useful pieces of equipment and other supplies.

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Florida Now Requires Schools to Have Armed Protection. Districts and Counties Must Make That a Reality

(TNS) – In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting and the state of Florida’s new law that requires armed security on every campus, some superintendents worry districts will now be competing for the same personnel. For the 2016-2017 school year, Florida’s Department of Education counted about 1,500 officers. But there are more than twice as many public schools — about 3,800.

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7 Basic Survival Skills Every Man Should Know!

The modern convenience can blind us to the truth of a disaster striking. But once in a while, we have to contend with one of the many disasters that can test our will to survive. Think of a horrendous storm or bushfire that knocks out power. Even more common is getting lost wondering too far away from the trails. You can successfully mitigate these and similar situations if you learned and honed a few basic survival skills.

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CERT Takes Community Preparedness to China

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) activities continue to grow in popularity across the United States. Last year, CERT volunteers took their record of success to China where they hosted workshops for local officials. China experiences its fair share of natural disasters including landslides, flooding, and earthquakes. Brenda Emrick, Fire Protection Specialist for the City of Costa Mesa, CA, Fire Department, led a group to China where they brought the CERT concept to local instructors.

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Advice from Disaster Survivors – Part 2

Every year, just before hurricane season begins, Roberta McPhie, of Spring, Texas, a Houston suburb, cranks up her ice maker to make extra ice. She freezes bottles of water. She’d already stocked up canned goods, but she buys a few more, along with plenty of bottled water and batteries.

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Advice from Disaster Survivors – Part 1

Right before Hurricane Harvey hit, Roberta McPhie, of Spring, Texas, a suburb of Houston, finished her hurricane preparation. Her family ate the last of their Blue Bell ice cream. (Pity you poor westerners who’ve never tasted Blue Bell. Think BYU Creamery-deluxe!)   Advice from Disaster Survivors – Part 1  

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Be More Than a Bystander: Preparing Communities for Disaster

With this talk, Elizabeth Hardister emphasizes the importance of individual action in community-level emergency preparedness. Elizabeth Hardister is a fourth-year student from Dunwoody, Georgia. She is completing her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Master of Public Health in Disaster Management. As a CURO Honors Scholar, she conducts research with the Institute for Disaster Management in hurricane planning and evacuations in Georgia. In the future, Hardister hopes to pursue a career as an emergency management specialist. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at