Preparedness Planning and Taking Action

Being informed of your local hazards and how to respond to them is the first step in becoming more prepared. Making a plan, building a kit and getting involved are further actions to take to strengthen your family’s resilience to any disaster or emergency event.

Be Informed: Learn about potential emergencies which may occur in your local community and the ways to respond to each. Do you live near a flood plain, an earthquake fault line or in a high fire danger area? Does your neighborhood or community have a disaster plan? Being aware of your area’s disaster risk and how to prepare and respond to it will increase your likelihood of staying safe.

Make a Plan: Learn how to create a Family Communications Plan or Personal Emergency Plan in case you and your loved ones are not together during a disaster or become separated during an emergency event.

Build a Kit: Review information about basic emergency kits and how to personalize them with required medications, an emergency medical contact card, first aid supplies, extra food, water, etc. A checklist for items to consider as part of this basic kit is also available.

Get Involved: Whether at work or at home, learn how you can be a part of a volunteer network before, during and after any disaster event by contacting your local Citizen Corps Council or signing up to receive preparedness training and becoming a part of your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Training is a great way to get involved – take part in FEMA’s FREE online training course: IS-909 – Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities for Everyone or complete the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) online training course, VIPS and Disaster Response, which explores how volunteers can help build law enforcement’s capacity to respond to natural disasters, public health crises and other emergencies.

Remember, preparedness is a shared responsibility and has activities for everyone! Do your part to make your family and community safer and more resilient.