5 Skills Invaluable in a Long-Term Disaster


5 Skills Invaluable in a Long-Term Disaster

According to the American Prepper Network, the five main skills needed for a long-term disaster are abilities related to power, water, shelter, food, and basic survival skills. My take on this is very similar, except that I’ve replaced power generation experience with medical experience. After all, mankind has gone without electricity for a far longer time than we’ve relied upon it. On the other hand, doctors, nurses and others with expertise in keeping people healthy will be in great demand in a survival situation.

These five skills encompass the basics of survival in a long-term disaster situation.

Source: Prepper Broadcasting Network

Shelter in Place

The appropriate steps depend on the emergency situation. If you hear a warning signal, listen to local radio or television stations for further information. You will be told what to do, including where to find the nearest shelter if you are away from your “shelter-in-place” location.

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