Community Emergency Response Team Basic Training

  This class is a three day course. Attendance is required for each day to receive the certification. About this event Medical, Police, and Fire Department services may not be immediately available following a disaster due to an increased demand for service. Emergency Services may not even be able to…

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Planning for Retirement, What is Your Next Step?

So you put in your 30 years, it is time to hang up the boots and put away the uniform. What Next? I have advised some of the people that I am mentoring to have a plan for their future after public service, or even your next steps after your time in the private sector. As emergency managers, we need to lean forward to take care of ourselves. Continue reading

5 Tips to Stay Warm and Safe This Winter

This month, cold, snow and ice have blanketed much of the country. This can create dangerous situations, including a higher risk of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Here are five tips you can follow to stay warm and safe this winter.

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