100 Items That Will Disappear In An Emergency

100 Items That Will Disappear In An Emergency

These are at least 100 items that will disappear in an emergency at the very least at your local grocery or big box store. Can you picture the empty store shelves after a disaster? I have seen them after a flooding episode here in Southern Utah. Luckily, only the bottled water shelves were empty, but you can imagine if we had a major emergency. I’m hoping as you read this list you will think of the things that you will want to stock in your home so you are better prepared. You don’t have to store everything on this list, just the things that you would miss if the roads and highways shut down.

There may be over the counter medications and personal hygiene products, to name a few. We sometimes think we will stock up next month, I get it, I really do. I get nervous when I get down to three cases of toilet paper from Costco.

Yes, I have both cloth wipes and baby wipes. But what if the water is turned off for days or possibly weeks. Please visualize the grocery store near your home totally empty in two hours, yes two hours. On the news today they showed the shelves at a store in Hawaii with storm Lane on its way to the islands. Yes, the shelves were empty. YIKES! My point is this, please do not be one of those families that must stand in line to get water bottles from the city or country building.

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