How Much Range Can You Get From a Ham Radio?

Many radio manufacturers claim misleading range distances based on a hypothetical antenna called isotropic antenna.  An Isotropic antenna is a hypothetical antenna radiating the same intensity of radio waves in all directions. It thus is said to have a directivity of 0 dBi (dB relative to isotropic) in all directions.  However,  the range you get from an radio varies based on a lot of factors such as the frequency in use,  Atmospheric conditions,  Your locations,  Radio Power,  etc. has a great article regarding ham radio ranges.

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Michigans Disaster Declaration Process

Young Girl on a flooded Street

This article discusses the disaster declaration process in the state of Michigan. When an incident occurs, local police, fire and emergency medical services are normally the first to respond. They initially assess the situation, determine its nature, scope and magnitude, and determine if additional assistance is required.

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The Garbage Crisis in Venezuela: Sanitation Issues When the SHTF

It´s surprising how bad news related to situations generated by the collapse doesn´t stop. I have some ties to a relatively small town. It´s located not so close to any major city, not so far away neither. It´s not so rural, and it still has some of the charms of small towns, while being big enough to not be boring.

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