5 Tips to Stay Warm and Safe This Winter

This month, cold, snow and ice have blanketed much of the country. This can create dangerous situations, including a higher risk of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Here are five tips you can follow to stay warm and safe this winter.

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Apparent underground explosion significantly damages Detroit dispensary, officials investigating strange odor

The City of Detroit, Great Lakes Water Authority and DTE Energy are investigating an incident that happened in southwest Detroit late Saturday night.

Bicyclist Safety

Bike Road Park Pavement Bicycle  - signeditor / Pixabay

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages all road users, including motorists and bicyclists, to respect each other and foster a safer transportation environment. Bicycles on the roadway have the same rights, and responsibilities as motorized vehicles.

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Don’t Drive Over Downed Power Lines

Lincoln Park CERT assisted with down power lines through-out the city on Tuesday, August 24.  We blocked off a few different streets.  Please take another route when a power line is on the roadway.  It is never safe to drive over a downed power line.   Always assume all downed power lines are live and dangerous.

Naloxone Training

This virtual training session is for those who would like to learn what naloxone is, how to administer naloxone and for those who need refresher training. This training will take place on Tuesday, 17 August 2021 at 10:00 – 11:30 Eastern Time.

Webinar: You Are the Help Until Help Arrives

Please join the Region II National Preparedness Division for a webinar on how you can be the help until help arrives. You may be able to save a life by taking simple actions immediately. The Until Help Arrives program teaches basic skills to help keep people alive and safe until…

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M4S: Lessons from the Great Depression We Can Use Right Now

The late 1920s and early 1930s were challenging times economically for our country, and we’re starting to see similar issues today. Those who are wise learn from history, and those who do not, repeat it.  Check out Mind 4 Survival’s article that has some lessons we can take from the Great Depression and apply them to our current situation.

How about an open source study guide?

Dan Romanchick has been doing the “No Nonsense” amateur radio license study guides for nearly 20 years. He is concidering making all three guides part of an open source project, and he is looking for people with experience open source projects to assist him.

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Recruiting CERT Volunteers in Your Community

Emergencies happen quickly and without warning. While first responders are there to help, they are not always able to provide immediate assistance to everyone. You can make a difference in your community by mobilizing your Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) when an incident occurs to save lives and protect property. Start by recruiting and organizing your CERT volunteers before an emergency happens so you are better prepared to act.

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