Knowing How to Save a Life May Save Yours!


Knowing How to Save a Life May Save Yours!

For the second week of National Preparedness Month, we thought we would turn our attention to the skills all of us should possess, but only a few do. Knowing how to perform CPR and other emergency first-aid techniques may not only save the life of a loved one but may save your own as well. Taking CPR or first-aid classes as a family is an enjoyable experience that will bring you all closer while learning truly critically skills. There are numerous life-saving techniques you can learn…

Source: Emergency Essentials Blog

How To Sharpen a Knife Properly: Hunting & Survival Blade Sharpening Tips

The actual process of honing your pocket knife, survival knife or hunting knife’s edge of your knife’s blade is a relatively simple process which may seem like it requires little explanation. But there’s a lot that actually goes into sharpening your knife properly. For example, different types of blade steels and different types of blade grinds require different grits and different honing angles.

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