Got Water?

Has the water run dry in your emergency supply kit?  If so, it’s time to fill ‘er up!  One of the most essential components of a disaster-ready kit is water.  A well maintained kit prepares you before disaster strikes. 

After an emergency, clean drinking water may not be available if your usual water source is cut off or contaminated.  When replenishing your supply remember that individual needs may vary depending on health, age, diet and climate. As a general rule, store one gallon of water per person per day to last for at least three days.

There are several options for building your water supply. The safest and most reliable choice is to buy commercially bottled water and open it only when you need to use it. Store the containers in a cool, dark place and note the expiration date. 

If you choose to prepare your own containers of water, purchase food grade water storage containers from a surplus or camping supply store or two-liter plastic soda bottles – not bottles that contained milk or fruit juice.  Keep in mind these containers must first be properly cleaned!

To learn more about maintaining your kit, click here.  Information about water treatment is also available at

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