CERT Supplemental Modules that Support the Expanding CERT Mission

The CERT National Program Office is also very pleased to announce publication of six new supplemental training modules, now available for download.  The supplemental modules will train CERT members in new skills and increase CERTs’ capacity to support local emergency services and public safety.  Local CERT program managers/coordinators should determine which of the modules will address local training needs.  We hope that all of the modules will be helpful.  The materials for each module are in Word format and PowerPoint, and can be tailored to fit local training needs.  Review the supplemental training modules on the Training Materials page of the National CERT website or at the links below and start planning for your next supplemental training  today.

CERT Emergency Communications  

 In this four-hour module, CERT members will learn: 1) the role of CERT in communications during an activation; 2) how to use a communications plan; 3) the use of different communication modes and strategies; and, 4) how to use communication devices.

CERT Exercise Swaps

This module includes two four-hour units to train CERT teams to design and conduct exercises for each other.  CERT members will learn: 1)  FEMA exercise guidance and HSEEP concepts; 2) criteria for well-designed CERT exercises; 3) steps and documents used in designing and conducting an exercise; and, 4) challenges and smart practices for conducting a CERT exercise.  Participants will begin the exercise swap design process as part of the course work. 

CERT Firefighter Rehab

This four-hour module trains CERT members to safely set up and perform the non-medical functions of firefighter rehabilitation.  CERT members will learn:  1) the definition of and need for firefighter rehab; 2) the physiological threats to firefighters; 3) an overview of what happens at the scene of a fire; and, 4) how CERT members set up and what they do in the rehab area.

Flood Response for CERTs

This four-hour module will train CERT members to: 1) relate CERT Basic Training skills to flood response; 2) identify a flood and the dangers of working around floodwaters; 3) work safely and efficiently with sandbags; and, 4) construct a sandbag barrier correctly.

CERT Tools for Leadership Success

In this four-hour module, CERT members will learn: 1) how CERT Basic Training concepts relate to leadership; 2) the characteristics, skills and responsibilities of team leaders, and how leaders and team members interact; 3) different styles of leadership and how they apply to CERT situations; and, 4) examples of how CERT leaders run successful team operations.

CERT Traffic and Crowd Management

In this four-hour module, CERT members will learn: 1) how CERT Basic Training skills relate to crowd and traffic management; 2) effective communication strategies to direct traffic and crowds; 3) crowd management skills and how to put together a basic crowd management plan; and, 4) using traffic control devices to safely manage traffic in various situations and how to put together a basic traffic management plan.


Originally Posted: August 29, 2012
Updated: Jan 2, 2020

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