New NWS Radar Webpage

The National Weather Service will be releasing a new radar viewer webpage for access to NEXRAD and TDWR Radar data. The new radar webpage (currently found at will replace the current page on or about Dec. 16, 2020. Through Dec. 15, the new webpage will run in parallel with the current one, in order to allow users the necessary time to transition to learning the new interactive radar webpage.

The National Weather Service has redesigned the new page to improve our radar services based on feedback we received from many of you. The upgrade will also move the agency off the soon-to-be-obsolete Adobe Flash technology used in the current pages for radar loops.
Among the new features are:
  1. The new webpage is a GIS-based webpage for easy integration into GIS applications used for situational awareness.
  2. It will provide radar images more frequently and at four times higher resolution than currently provided.
  3. The new mobile friendly format allows you to monitor the weather while you are on the go.
To learn about the other new features, please read the Aware Report, 2nd article in the newsletter ( Starting on Dec. 16, bookmarks for local radar pages will be redirected to the new radar page. We developed a FAQ document and are producing video tutorials on how to access your local radar, overlaying warning information, exporting data, and much more.

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