19 Survival Items That Will Last Forever

There are two kinds of survival items: those that last forever, and those that don’t. Let’s talk about the former, shall we? As it turns out, yes, there are survival items that will last you indefinitely (so long as you take care of them) and it is these survival items that could prove to be the most valuable and crucial to you for when the going gets tough.

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72 Hour Kits for Babies and Toddlers

The number one rule of 72-hour kits is to always always rotate your supplies every six months. The number two rule? Customization. A baby or toddler will have very different needs compared to his or her adult parent.

For example, your average ready-made emergency kit comes with things like a whistle, matches, and a pocket knife. Those are extremely handy for adults, but what is a 6-month-old going to do with a pocket knife? Maybe we don’t want to know. And you definitely don’t want the toddler handling matches. Remove items a baby isn’t able to use and replace them with things babies actually do need.

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72 Hour Kits for Babies and Toddlers