Michigans Disaster Declaration Process

Young Girl on a flooded Street

This article discusses the disaster declaration process in the state of Michigan. When an incident occurs, local police, fire and emergency medical services are normally the first to respond. They initially assess the situation, determine its nature, scope and magnitude, and determine if additional assistance is required.

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President Trump Approves Puerto Rico’s Emergency Declaration

Puerto Rico has been hit by a series of small earthquakes beginning on December 28th which has intensified and culminating in a tremor measuring 6.0 magnitude on the Richter scale near Tallaboa, Penuelas, Puerto Rico early Tuesday. The 6.0 Magnitude earthquake has been followed by a series of aftershocks. Puerto…

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The 12 Areas of Preparedness: Food

Power outages of several days or longer usually follow disasters. Power outages in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence left approximately 350,000 people without power, which hasn’t been restored at the time this article was written. Having a stock of canned food, dry mixes, and other staples that do not require refrigeration, cooking or special preparation is vital to your family’s survival during the aftermath of a disaster.

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