Knowing How to Save a Life May Save Yours!


Knowing How to Save a Life May Save Yours!

For the second week of National Preparedness Month, we thought we would turn our attention to the skills all of us should possess, but only a few do. Knowing how to perform CPR and other emergency first-aid techniques may not only save the life of a loved one but may save your own as well. Taking CPR or first-aid classes as a family is an enjoyable experience that will bring you all closer while learning truly critically skills. There are numerous life-saving techniques you can learn…

Source: Emergency Essentials Blog

The Get Home Bag

The bug out bag is one of the most talked about bags is one of the most written about bags in the prepper blogosphere; however, the Get-Home Bag (GHB) may be the bag you are most likely to use during a crisis. The Get-Home Bag (GHB) is a survival kit designed to get you home if a catastrophic disaster occurs while you are away. Hopefully you will be able to make it to your vehicle and drive home, even if you must detour, but experience teaches that isn’t always possible. One of the unforgettable images from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 was large groups of people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with the dusk and smoke blocking the view of the twin towers. Design your Get-Home Bag (GHB) with the assumption you will need to walk home.

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