Preparing Your Home, Family, and Business for Terrorist Attacks


Some Common Sense Suggestions on Getting Ready

U.S. Representative Robert Pittenger
Chairman of the Congressional Taskforce on
Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare

This booklet was started long before the threat of ISIS became eminent, the concern over thousands of terrorists with Western passports was realized, or the threat of an Ebola outbreak reached American shores. What those concerns impressed upon us though, was the importance of being calm and prepared for some of the unexpected or unanticipated twists and turns in life. People are much less likely to panic in a crisis if they have a plan and are prepared ahead of time so that everyone knows what they need to do.

Increasingly, emergency preparedness is a key issue affecting our nation’s future and impact on our economy and citizens. This booklet is intended to assist our citizens in responding to terrorist threats, natural disasters and other crises.
This booklet is a “beginner’s handbook” for dealing with sudden, unwelcome changes in our day-to-day lives. By no means is this a comprehensive guide with answers to any and all emergencies, but can be a good place to start. There are several websites listed throughout and at the end of the booklet offering great places to go for further information on the topics we are discussing as well as other related issues. An informed and prepared public can and will reduce the serious impact any city or state incurs when there is an emergency. Having as many people as possible able to sustain themselves for several days will allow the emergency personnel to direct their efforts to those in the most critical need of help. If you remember the chaos we all saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Super-Storm Sandy or the Boston bombing, you can appreciate the need to be prepared even more.

As a precaution, we want to remind you we are not recommending any particular product or service and you should never begin taking medicine without fully discussing these with your doctor. Preparation has a way of allaying fear of the unknown. The one comment emphasized by everyone threatened by nature or man-made terror is to not give into the scare tactics and lead our lives as normally as we always have. We hope this information helps.