The Aftermath: What It’s Really Like After Your Home Is Hit by a Tornado

Seven years ago almost to the day during a Good Friday church service, my cell phone rang.  I promptly turned the ringer off – It was the middle of the service. A few moments later, It rang again.  I turned the phone’s ringer off again, and this time I sat on it. Yeah, I know. You see, my phone made a loud noise when it was turned completely off, so I didn’t want to do that. Fortunately, the service was just about over.  So as soon as it was finished, I pulled my phone out and looked to see who had called. It was my mother. Yeah, not good turning the phone off on your mom! So I called her back only to hear her panicked voice, “Karen, are you okay?  Is everyone unhurt?”

Now, I had just been sitting in a calm church service, my mom seems to think we’ve all died, or been maimed or that something horrible had happened to us.  It took me a moment to wrap my mind around her panic.

“Yeah, we’re fine, Mom.”  And I tried to sound nonchalant, “Why?”  Ya know you don’t want to sound accusatory toward your mom.

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